Parra in San Francisco — SFMOMA/MightySF

Where else could you get ‘Weirded Out,’ than at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art? It’s only fitting that the bold and playful mural of Amsterdam-based artist Parra be exhibited at SFMoMA. The massive mural exhibit is being done entirely in acrylic and is packed full of Parra’s signature monochromatic hybridized cartoon characters and free-form typography. The exhibit opens on March 31, and runs into July, giving you plenty of time to get to San Francisco.

Parra – Weirded Out
March 31—July 29, 2012
151 Third Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Don’t forget to see Parra’s Band, Le Le, LIVE at the Mighty before the Show.


About Alan Gonzalez Art

I am a Santa Barbara local artist who has continued to produce work in an innovative style that has taken San Francisco by storm. I regularly explore my options in all aspects of art such as ceramics, printmaking, silkscreening, sculpture, graphic design, webdesign, photography...basically any aspect of design I try to persue. The influences of my paintings stem from the use of vibrant colors with a contemporary pop-art feel. Hip Hop and Skateboarding has helped evolve my style into what it is today.
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  1. Tiffany Lan says:

    Wonderful meeting you!

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